Monthly Newsletter

Edition 3 | April 2023

Hi Folks,

We are back in action! To start with, sincere apologies for the hiatus that came in our monthly newsletter series, but we are glad to be reconnecting again.

In case you missed our previous editions, you can find them on our blog. Now, let's catch up on all the exciting things happening in the FOSS United community! πŸ’š

Catching Up: Highlights and Happenings

[TLDR] Over the last four months, we have been working to bring more structure to our foundation and pilot various initiatives. These include our Annual Report, FOSS Hack 3.0, new city-FOSS conferences, the Genesis Project, and FOSS meetups in new cities. We have also started an Industry Partnership program.

  • Published our Annual Report for 2022-23, featuring our journey in fostering the FOSS ecosystem in India. Read it here.

  • Hosted FOSS Hack 3.0, the hybrid edition of the pan-India FOSS-only hackathon, on 4 - 5 March, 2023. An amazing weekend filled with building FOSS projects, contributions and learning.

  • It was great to see the volunteer-run FOSS conferences hosted in the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc., If you are looking forward to pilot or host a FOSS conference in your city, it's worth checking here 😁.

  • In line with the tech-for-social-development programme (and to surface the siloed conversations happening in different communities), a sync was hosted at the Zerodha Office, Bangalore, and it brought in the idea of the Genesis Project, a collaborative experiment, to create an impactful drive in the arena. Check out for more context.

  • The necessity to foster a thriving community, and the incoming interests, has led to avenues to pilot FOSS monthly meetups, in Mumbai, Kochi and Chennai. Tune in to our latest event updates through our Events Timeline.

  • Opened up Industry Partnership for FOSS-benefited organisations who can contribute to the Foundation, and by thereby directly to the FOSS ecosystem in India.

  • The Mon School platformβ†— is on a revamp spree, with new feature add-ons and new upcoming courses.

Upcoming Events β†—

It's birthday time! 😁

We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Bangalore FOSS Meetups on 20 May 2023, 2 PM at Razorpay office.


Be a part of your local FOSS community by connecting with the monthly meetups, proposing talks and discussions, or if interested volunteer to drive the vision to drive a community in your region!

IndiaFOSS 3.0 β†—

Announcing the third edition of our annual FOSS Conference on 28 - 29 Oct, 2023 at Nimhans, Bangalore.

From the Telegram corner β†—

FOSS Projects πŸš€

  • Plane
  • Open-source, self-hosted project planning tool.

  • StreetPass
  • A browser extension that helps you find your people on Mastodon.

  • Warrant
  • A centralized authorization service that enables developers and product teams to effortlessly implement advanced access control models in their software products by defining, storing, and managing access rules

FOSS News πŸ—ž

More updates next time on other topics too!

So, that's it for this edition 😊. Feel free to reach out to us at

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"May The FOSS Be With You!"