Edition 4 | July 2023

Hi Folks,

It’s almost mid-year and we’re back with another edition of the FOSS United monthly series.

In case you missed our previous editions, you can find them on our blog. Now, let's catch up on all the exciting things happening inthe FOSS United community! πŸ’š

Highlights and Updates

[TLDR] The new highlight for the month is the upcoming launch of FOSS clubs, and the preps for the much awaited IndiaFOSS 3.0.

  • The first anniversary of Bangalore FOSS Meetups happened on 20th May 2023 at Razorpay, Bengaluru.

    Catch-up with the action:

    Video Screenshot

  • Announcing scholars for the May - July Cohort for The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Technology and Policy) by Takshashila Institution.

  • taxashila-scholars

  • Fully volunteer-run city FOSS conference about to happen in Goa, Hyderabad and Solapur. Know more about the upcoming conferences at indiafoss.net 😁.

  • Kickstarting FOSS club programme for college and university devs in a few days! Share among your circles about the student programmme, that aims to spread FOSS culture among campuses.

  • Everyone is thrilled about the much awaited third edition of IndiaFOSS happening on 28-29 October. The new logo is up!

  • indiafoss-white-logo

Upcoming Events β†—

Suggest Speakers for IndiaFOSS 3.0

While the Call for Proposals will be opening up in a while, you can nominate speakers to speak at India's Largest FOSS Conference.


New City FOSS Conferences

Meetups of the month

Be a part of your local FOSS community by connecting with the monthly meetups, proposing talks and discussions, or if interested volunteer to drive a community in your locale!

From the Telegram corner β†—

FOSS Projects πŸš€

  • Shelf
  • Open source asset management software for everyone

  • Flipt
  • A self-hosted, open-source solution for feature flagging.

  • ente Authenticator
  • Enables the generation and storage of two-step verification (2FA) tokens on your mobile devices.

Tech Policy πŸ“

New blogs from the End Software Patents Team:

So, that's it for this edition 😊. Feel free to reach out to us at foundation@fossunited.org

Until next time,

"May The FOSS Be With You!"

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